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Choose from our fun collections and watch for more new designs coming soon. Available in patterns and kits.


  • Sewing Kits

    Can you ever have enough sewing kits? Choose from the fun collections below and watch for more new designs coming soon. Available in patterns and kits.

  • Quilters Only

    If you hand quilt, nothing is more important than having all your tools readily available. Our Quilter's Supply Tie does exactly that. Scissors, thimble, needles and a pin cushion is always "at hand".

  • Accessories

    Our original felted wool appliqué designs create your signature look! For felted wool appliqué purses, checkbook covers, eyeglass cases and more, look to us for unique felted wool appliqué patterns and complete kits. Keep an eye on our site for new felted wool appliqué product updates!

  • Civil War Re enactors

    For authenticity, make your own civil war housewife (soldiers' sewing kit) and tobacco bag. Available in patterns and kits, these housewives are made from ticking and homespun, re-creations of what was found in use during the civil war.

  • Tea Anyone?

    Felted wool appliqué Teapot Penny Rugs and matching felted wool appliqué cozies are a perfect setting for your tea table. Made to work hard and look great, these felted wool appliqué trivet rugs and cozies are available in patterns or kits.

  • Wine Country Collection

    Our felted wool appliqué Grape Wine rug and coordinating felted wool appliqué coaster set make a beautiful and unique presentation while protecting your table. Available in patterns or kits, these make fabulous gifts for wine lovers.

  • Coasters

    Felted wool coasters are the greatest! They are soft, protect well, never scratch, absorb moisture and are durable. Couple these attributes of felted wool with the fun of stitching them and you have a perfect travel sewing project. Choose from a variety of fun designs available in felted wool appliqué patterns or kits.

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