1. What is felted wool?

Felted wool is 100% wool yardage which has been shrunk to have the properties of felt; that is, it can be cut without the edges fraying.

2. Can I make my own felted wool?

Yes, you can felt your own wool using soap, hot water and agitating 100% wool until you have achieved the desired amount of felting.

3. What type of needle do I use for felted wool appliqué?

Crewel needles are the best since they are similar to tapestry needles offering large holes, which accommodate wool thread and perle cotton while they have a pointed tip which will easily pierce the fabric.

4. Can I use wool felt?

Yes! Wool felt works well for most of the designs and excellent on some. It is slightly harder to needle than felted wool but has considerably less fray.

5. Can I use felt from a craft store?

Yes, you can use this material but since this fabric has a high concentration of plastic in its composition, be careful you do not melt the fabric onto your iron. Also, freezer paper adheres much more tightly to this material. Do not leave patterns on freezer paper for an extended period.

6. Where do I get felted wool?

Felted wool is available at many fine quilt shops and embroidery shops.

7. Can I recycle my own felted wool?

Yes, you can shrink your own yardage in the washing machine and dry it on high heat.