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    Pilot Class Rocks


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    To pilot a class is a learning experience for both the students and the teacher. Last month I was fortunate enough to pilot a class at the Hoyt Library in Kingston PA with an experienced group of stitchers who provided me with excellent feedback.  As a result of their combined participation they have enhanced the experience for my class in Green Bay WI next month.

    Some of the students had been in a previous pilot class for my Harvest Penny Rug and they brought their finished penny rugs to class.  This was so exciting for me to see ... like so many children born of my mother rug.  Each rug had it's own personality and one student added an extra acorn.  But with such slight differences the rugs all looked the same at a quick glance. What a treat for the teacher!

    I want to thank my class for being so terrific and giving me corrections, suggestions and remaining diligent.  So kuddos to AliceRae Kutish, Helene Maszeroski, Kathy Baker, Joanne Oliver, Alice Knepp, Jill Bradbury and Regina Phillips! Next time I hope to see your finished penny rugs once again and realize that this teaching thing actually does work!


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