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    Swirling Tulips


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    Swirling Tulips is a design inspired by Candice Wheeler (1827-1923), a needle artist, designer, and entrepreneur who made great strides in changing the role of women in America. At a time when most women were suffragettes, concerning themselves with the right to vote, Candice was busy teaching women how to appliqué and create designs that would be commercially viable, offering them an opportunity for economic independence. I discovered this amazing woman when I had the opportunity to conduct personal research at the Antonio Ratti Textile Center, the textile lab of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    This appliqué  is my interpretation of a work by Candice Wheeler entitled Tulip Panel which was never completed and donated to the museum some 50 years ago. Never having been used, the work was very well preserved. I had the privilege of studying it closely and I decided to interpret a portion of the design using my own techniques. As I studied the needlework under a magnifying glass I felt almost as if I knew her and her focus on perfection in stitching. When I discovered that she was an entrepreneur and also founded a school of needlework for woman … I was both impressed and enamored.


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    About Deborah

    Deborah Tirico is an avid quilter, needle artist and instructor. A serious student, Deborah has taken classes in embroidery, piecework, appliqué hand and machine quilting. In 2006 she launched originals designs in felted wool appliqué with embroidery embellishments under the name Pemberley House. Her area of specialization is the creation of a sculptural look to felted wool appliqué by using needle tilting techniques and the layering and stuffing of wool pieces. Unlike the primitive felted wool embroidery popular today, Deborah’s designs feature matching and overdyed wool threads and embroidery embellishments which enhance and define the clarity of her subject.
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