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    Girl Scout Learn to Sew 2015


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    On Saturday April 11th Pennsylvania Quilters sponsored the 3rd Annual Girl Scout Learn to Sew program at the St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Mountaintop, PA. Four quilt teachers including Sue McNichols, Helene Maszeroski, Doreen Kramer and myself taugh 24 girls how to make a 4 block pin cushion.  We also added button sewing to the projects and allowed the older girls (over 13) to use a sewing machine.  After the classes were completed and the girls had been awarded their badges we all agreed that this project is the most worthwhile event we participate in all year.  The girls love it ... and so do we! Many thanks to Shai Post for facilitating the use of the church and Maryann and Sue for cutting squares for kits!  What a team :)).




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    Deborah Tirico is an avid quilter, needle artist and instructor. A serious student, Deborah has taken classes in embroidery, piecework, appliqué hand and machine quilting. In 2006 she launched originals designs in felted wool appliqué with embroidery embellishments under the name Pemberley House. Her area of specialization is the creation of a sculptural look to felted wool appliqué by using needle tilting techniques and the layering and stuffing of wool pieces. Unlike the primitive felted wool embroidery popular today, Deborah’s designs feature matching and overdyed wool threads and embroidery embellishments which enhance and define the clarity of her subject.
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